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1. Book publishing? Choose this option for print, eBook, and/or audiobook publishing. Because we do not require you to buy “packages” of services, we ask a few questions to help us better understand the scope of services you may need. (Learn more about how we are different.)

2. Republishing a book? Helping authors republish a book is one of our specialties!

If you have read our information here about republishing, please complete the form below.

3. Advice or assistance with publishing, distribution, or marketing? Founder David Wogahn generally consults with authors in one of three ways:

  • Planning and strategy discussions before the book is launched.
  • Discussions about book distribution and selling books on Amazon.
  • Marketing help with a book that has already been published.

(For a better idea of the types of topics David can assist with, please see the 15 case studies on this page.)

4. Other interests, such as guest blogging, media queries, speaking, and partnerships? We are always happy to hear from authors, businesses, associations, and the media. If your interest is guest blogging, note that you need to be a published author or working with published authors (more about guest posts here).

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