Self-Publishing Services

Two things make us unique

Many independent contractors or companies can create an attractive book. But AuthorImprints™ is unique because we help with two fundamental requirements for success that others can't or don't:

  1. You own and control everything: Our clients own their own publishing imprint, control their accounts, and receive 100% of royalties. We guide you every step of the way. (Learn about imprints.)
  2. Books are published to sell: Every project begins with a plan to help people find your book — you can't market a book that people can't find. Your book is then created, not the other way around. (Learn about self-published book distribution and SEO for books.)

Book design services

In addition to the above, we offer all the services required to take your book from manuscript to the shelves of Amazon, other online retailers, and even make it available to bookstores.

Click here for information and examples
Click here for information and examplesClick here for information and examples


Pricing depends on the book and scope of services, but our publishing projects generally range from $250 to $10,000. Our average ranges from about $3,500 to $4,500. Click here to learn more about pricing.

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"AuthorImprints was an absolute joy to work with and expertly managed every publishing detail, even though I had no idea what to ask for! If you are looking for professional, honest guidance, call AuthorImprints."
Joyce Bulifant, author of My Four Hollywood Husbands and an AuthorImprints client
Joyce Bulifant
My Four Hollywood Husbands, and star of Disney movies, "Airplane," and "Match Game"
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