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We provide professional, comprehensive self-publishing services with integrity

Established more than 20 years ago, we are a family-owned business dedicated to providing honest, reliable, and professional services to authors and businesses interested in publishing quality books. In addition to designing and distributing books, we also provide publishing strategy and marketing advice. Many of our clients are long-term, multi-book self-publishers.

We are experts at using industry-standard self-publishing services such as Amazon and IngramSpark, but we can also produce books in bulk (a print run) and sell with services other than KDP and IngramSpark.

The print, eBook, and audiobooks we produce adhere to industry-standard specifications and can be distributed and sold in online stores, US bookstores, or international stores. We can also produce books simply for private use with no distribution whatsoever.

We do much more than design books

1. You own and control everything. Our clients own their own publishing imprint, control their accounts, and receive 100% of their royalties. (Learn about imprints.)

2. We are experts in self-published book distribution and metadata. The publishing plan begins with a discussion about your distribution preferences, objectives, and budget.

3. We are your publishing consultant, not just a project manager. We manage every step of the process and consult with you about the important decisions you need to make, or things you need to do, during the book production process that have an impact on success once your book is released.

These decisions and steps are rarely considered book marketing, yet marketing can and does suffer if they are not done correctly, or not done at all.

Book design services


Using industry-standard Adobe InDesign, we typeset your Word or Docs file, including optional book matter such as an index or references.


Our EPUB files are guaranteed for distribution to retailers such as Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo, and aggregators such as Draft2Digital.


Print and eBook covers can be based on the images you provide or can be custom designed. Check out PDFs of our cover design case studies! 

Self-published book distribution


Whether your book is POD or printed in bulk (a print run), we manage the process of making your book available for purchase online, for bookstores to order, and for international orders.


Unlike print books, eBooks are sold exclusively online. We help authors choose between direct-to-retailer, one of the aggregators, or KDP Select. Sometimes it is a combination of options.


Also like eBooks, audiobooks are sold exclusively online. Most authors choose between Amazon’s ACX or Spotify’s Findaway Voices. But there are other options, or a combination of options.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you provide marketing services?
Yes, clients receive our 208-page Countdown to Book Launch workbook. We also provide a range of do-it-for-you marketing assistance such as getting book reviews, creating a website, managing email marketing and advertising, and running promotions. We do not provide public relations support, but we can refer you to reputable PR firms that specialize in books and authors.

2. Do you provide editing services?
Yes, clients can choose from developmental, copyediting, and proofing services. Most frequently, we are asked to provide a written quote for copyediting, and this includes a free sample edit. There is no obligation. We can also create indexes and can format references to Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) or American Psychological Association (APA) standards. Authors have the option of working directly with their editor.

3. Can you get my book into bookstores?
We can make your book available to be ordered by bookstores, but the stores themselves decide whether to stock a book. Bookstore strategy consulting is part of the services you receive as a client and is included in our prices.

4. Is AuthorImprints a hybrid publisher?
A hybrid publisher is different from AuthorImprints in three important ways:

  • A hybrid publisher uses their ISBN, meaning they control your accounts and book details. AuthorImprints clients have their own ISBN and own and control all the accounts and details regarding their book.
  • A hybrid publisher does not accept every book. The only books AuthorImprints refuses to publish are those that do not meet the distribution requirements of retailers and wholesalers such as Amazon and IngramSpark. This generally means that you must own the copyright—or have the right to publish the book—and that the book does not violate any laws.
  • A true hybrid publisher has a distributor for the print books they publish. A distributor in the book trade is a business that has the exclusive rights to represent a book to wholesalers and retailers, such as Amazon and bookstores. (IngramSpark is a wholesaler, not a distributor. For more about evaluating hybrid publishers, read this backgrounder by industry commentator Jane Friedman.)

5. How do I know I can trust you with my book and money?
We have been in business for more than 20 years and are members in good standing of the leading trade organizations that represent authors and independent publishers: the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). AuthorImprints is rated “Excellent” by the ALLi.

Founder and president David Wogahn is a frequent speaker at industry events and the author of numerous books on self-publishing. He and his daughter Manon are the authors of Countdown to Book Launch™.

Do you have more questions?

Our FAQ page answers even more questions!


As noted in the AuthorImprint Difference, we do not believe “package pricing” is in the best interest of the author, so our prices depend on the book and the scope of services. But generally speaking, our average contract ranges from about $3,500 to $4,500, based on a much broader range of $250 to $10,000. Click here to learn more about pricing.

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AuthorImprints was an absolute joy to work with and expertly managed every publishing detail, even though I had no idea what to ask for! If you are looking for professional, honest guidance, call AuthorImprints.
Joyce Bulifant, author of My Four Hollywood Husbands and an AuthorImprints client
Joyce Bulifant
My Four Hollywood Husbands, and star of Disney movies, "Airplane," and "Match Game"
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