Self-Published eBook Distribution

Ebook distribution for self-published books differs from print book distribution

As a digital product, eBooks are far easier to inventory and distribute than their print book equivalent. But that doesn’t mean that determining the best distribution strategy for your eBook should be any less rigorous than what is considered for print books. The key considerations include answering these questions:

  • Should you use Amazon KDP Select or distribute widely?
  • Which aggregator model is better for your book: commission-based or service fee?
  • Which aggregator is best for your book: Draft2Digital, PublishDrive, or IngramSpark?
  • How many books are there to manage?
  • Who are your primary readers?

In addition to helping you choose the ideal distribution arrangement,

  • We assist you in establishing accounts in the name of the publisher (your imprint)
  • We prepare files guaranteed to meet aggregator and retailer technical requirements
  • We complete and optimize metadata
  • We consult on timing opportunities and considerations
  • We coordinate with your PR firm, or your own marketing efforts
  • We establish pre-ordering with stores that support it
  • We identify and explain financial considerations: royalties, margins, pricing, retailer and distributor discounts, and offset print runs vs. POD cost of sales
  • We troubleshoot technical issues on your behalf

AuthorImprints manages eBook distribution for self-publishers

Our publishing services contracts include your choice of eBook distribution support. If you have written a book and wish to self-publish it, we invite you to complete the form below, and you will be contacted within two business days, and often sooner.

To learn more about our standard of care, selling ethics, and philosophy about supporting self-publishers, read our five guiding principles that we call the AuthorImprints Difference.

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