Self-Published Audiobook Distribution

Most self-published audiobooks are distributed through Amazon’s ACX or Spotify’s Findaway Voices

The two most common ways self-publishers sell their audiobooks is to distribute them through either ACX or Findaway Voices.

  • ACX is an Amazon company that distributes to Amazon, Audible, and Apple. If you grant them exclusivity, you get a 40% royalty. Nonexclusive distribution receives 25% royalty. Pricing is ultimately up to ACX but is generally based on the length of the audiobook.
  • Findaway Voices differentiates itself from ACX by distributing audiobooks to many more online retailers, as well as to library distributors. The list also includes Amazon and Audible, but you’ll receive the nonexclusive royalty rate of 25%. Theoretically, what you lose on royalties, you’ll make up for with wider distribution.

Audiobooks have been the fastest-growing format for books in the early 2020s. ACX is still the most dominant distributor, but Spotify acquired Findaway Voices in 2022, making it a more competitive marketplace.

The distribution choice for your audiobook depends on several factors, such as the genre and your goals. If your audiobook is already recorded, edited, and mastered, AuthorImprints can manage distribution on your behalf to your own publishing account.

  • If you have not recorded your book, or if you need editing or mastering services, visit our audiobooks page to learn about our services.
  • If your audioboook is complete and you need advice, please schedule a Focused Topic consultation.
  • If you wish to release an audiobook with your print and eBook, please complete the form below.
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