Three types of professional self-publishing services:

  1. Book production
  2. Book distribution
  3. Book launch/re-launch and Amazon SEO

Delivered two ways:

  1. We do it for you
  2. We consult and offer advice so you can do it yourself (DIY)

(Book production and distribution clients receive three free self-publishing strategy consults: publishing imprint and ISBN, book reviews, and book launch planning.)

Book ProductionDo It For YouDIY AdviceNotes
Print books$1800NoMinimum charge for 50k word narrative book (e.g. fiction, memoir); contact for quote. Maximum charge: $5,000. Samples here.
eBooks$350NoMinimum charge; contact for quote. Maximum charge: $2,000. Samples here.
Audiobooks2.8–7 cents/wordNoBased on author narration experience and qualifications. Professional narrator services also available.
Book covers$900NoSamples here. (The price is reduced when you supply your own cover.)
Book DistributionDo It For YouDIY AdviceNotes
Print book (POD)$400Yes*Minimum charge; includes Amazon metadata SEO. IngramSpark support and management also available. Maximum charge $1,500.
eBook$200Yes*Minimum charge; includes Amazon metadata SEO. Maximum charge: $500.
Print book, otherContact us.Yes*For books printed by someone other than Amazon or IngramSpark.
Book MarketingDo It For YouDIY AdviceNotes
Launch or re-launch$600Yes*Minimum monthly retainer.

All book projects: you own and control all account and publishing information. That means 100% of your royalties and no mark-up to buy author copies of your book.

*Do It Yourself Coaching Advice: Sometimes all you need is a few minutes worth of coaching advice. Other times you want to work through your book distribution or book launch strategy with someone who has done it before. We have two options.

  1. Focused Topic consults. A 30-minute session. Click here for details.
  2. Planning/Marketing consults. Click here for details.
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