Three types of professional self-publishing services:

  1. Book production
  2. Book distribution
  3. Book launch/re-launch and Amazon SEO

Delivered two ways:

  1. We do it for you
  2. We consult and offer advice so you can do it yourself (DIY)

(Book production and distribution clients receive 3 free self-publishing strategy consults: publishing imprint and ISBN, book reviews, and book launch planning.)

Book ProductionDo It For YouDIY AdviceNotes
Print books$1200NoMin charge for 50k word narrative book (e.g. fiction, memoir); contact for quote. Samples here.
eBooks$200NoMin charge; contact for quote. Samples here.
Book covers$800NoSamples here. (You can also supply your own cover.)
Book DistributionDo It For YouDIY AdviceNotes
Print book (POD)$300Yes*Min charge; includes Amazon metadata SEO
eBook$200Yes*Min charge; includes Amazon metadata SEO
Print book, otherContact us.Yes*For books printed by someone other than Amazon or IngramSpark
Book MarketingDo It For YouDIY AdviceNotes
Launch or re-launch$500Yes*Min charge; included with book production and distribution

All book projects: you own and control all account and publishing information. That means 100% of your royalties and no mark-up to buy author copies of your book.

*Do It Yourself Coaching Advice: Sometimes all you need is a few minutes worth of coaching advice. Other times you want to work through your book distribution or book launch strategy with someone who has done it before. We have 2 options.

  1. Focused Topic consults. A 30-minute session. Click here for details.
  2. Planning/Marketing consults. Click here for details.
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