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Metadata is the information that describes our books, and us as publishers and authors. In an increasingly online world, accurate, complete and optimized metadata can mean the difference between obscurity, and sales.

Book and author metadata is divided into two types

  • Metadata that never changes. Examples: a book title, subtitle, the ISBN, author name, publication date, publisher name.
  • Metadata that can change. Examples: descriptions (book, author bio, social media profiles), price, an author photo, subject categories, keywords.

Product details metadata

All eBooks and audiobooks are sold online, and more than half of all print books are sold online. Most importantly, virtually all self-published books are sold online. Metadata that is accurate and optimized for search engines—especially Amazon’s search engine—is how readers are able to find what they are searching for.

Inaccurate, out-of-date or poorly written metadata = lost sales opportunities.

Author metadata

Examples of Self-Publisher Metadata Optimization Opportunities

Which of these do you use, or should you use to improve book discovery?

  • Book. Refining and optimizing book metadata goes hand-in-hand with distribution. The most important self-service book distribution services available to U.S. self-publishers are Amazon CreateSpace, Amazon Advantage, Amazon Seller Central, Kindle Direct Publishing, IngramSpark, Apple iTunes Connect, B&N NookPress and Kobo Writing Life.
  • Author. Amazon author presence (managed with AuthorCentral), GoodReads, author website, social media.
  • Online directories. MyIdentifiers, IndieBound, Booklife, Library of Congress.

Amazon SEO

Optimized book metadata helps a book reach best seller

We have extensive experience helping self-published authors, businesses, and indie publishers manage and optimize their metadata on Amazon.

  1. Audits: record and analyze opportunities across online stores and databases.
  2. Optimization: research and optimize existing or new book metadata, especially categories and keywords which can result in improved sales and/or best seller badges.
  3. Maintenance: manage and update metadata on behalf of publishing imprint.
  4. Consultation: planning and review of metadata opportunities or proposed changes.

Amazon Metadata Specialists: KDP (paperback and Kindle), Advantage, Seller Central, Author Central (US and foreign country editions), Look Inside the Book, Amazon reviews strategy.

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