Our New Lynda.com Course: Distributing and Marketing eBooks

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Our New Lynda.com Course: Distributing and Marketing eBooks

Our New Lynda.com Course: Distributing and Marketing eBooksI am pleased to share that my new video tutorial series launched on lynda.com last week. It's called Distributing and Marketing eBooks and it consists of 40 videos divided into 8 topic areas; more than 3 hours of training time.

If you are tired spending your time surfing YouTube only to find videos with poor audio quality and illegible graphics, you'll want to watch the sample video below.

Here is a brief FAQ:

Who or what is lynda.com? lynda.com is a subscription-based online video training company that hosts 1,899 courses on a range of mostly technology-based topics. Subscribers range from individuals to institutions such as business, universities and government agencies. Basically anyone that needs to keep their skills current.

How much does it cost? A 7-day pass is free. You can access the entire library for only $25 per month.

Will this course help me distribute my eBook? Yes! This course covers the four major eBook stores: Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook Press andKobo Writing Life. It also covers all the things you need to do before you being and key book marketing tasks after you press publish.

Are there prerequisites? No but I assume you have eBook files in EPUB and/or Mobi (Kindle) format.

lynda recording booth
lynda.com recording booth: my home for 40 hours of recording. It was like Groundhog Day.

What does it not cover? It does not address how to create an eBook but many other lynda.com courses cover eBook creation.

Does it address foreign distribution and marketing? The information is presented from the perspective of a U.S.-based publisher. But many of the lessons cover topics that are relevant for any market.

What are the major topic areas?

  1. Understanding eBooks
  2. Measurement, Tracking, and Analysis Tools for Authors and Publishers
  3. Launching eBooks: The Basics
  4. eBook Launch Fundamentals: Predistribution Planning and Tasks
  5. Direct Distribution
  6. Aggregators/Third-Party Distribution Options
  7. Amazon Tools for Publishers
  8. Leverage Your Book Investment: What Else Can You Do with Your eBook Files?

Lynda.com courses are a cut above anything you would find on YouTube or through other sources. I think it’s the production values that really set them apart from any other training you'll find. Check out the free sample below.

And here is that free 7 day trial pass. Thanks in advance for checking it out.

Click here to watch.

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