KDP Print ISBN Options: How to Choose and Converting from CreateSpace-2018

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  • KDP Print ISBN options are the same as CreateSpace
  • Why not the free ISBN?
  • What about Expanded Distribution?
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8 thoughts on “KDP Print ISBN Options: How to Choose and Converting from CreateSpace-2018”

  1. Thank you for this detailed description. I have a Createspace ISBN but regret it and would like to use my own. Will changing the ISBN during conversion work?

  2. I only this weekend I set up an account with ” Create Space ” and accepted an ISBN #. I have only submitted the title of my book at this point. If I back out now where does this leave me? Like most I am confused. Please advise.

  3. Being Canadian, I can get a free ISBN anyway so I would never opt for a free ISBN from Amazon.

    You mention the “Libraries & Academic Institutions carrot.” In fact, nowadays I tend to ignore libraries altogether. I don’t think that libraries matter all that much for making my books successful. Indeed, people who take books out of the library tend to give a lot more negative reviews than people who are willing to buy my books with their hard earned money. Because of this, I not only ignore libraries but avoid them.

    One question: Isn’t it possible to publish one’s book on KDP Print with one ISBN and then publish the same book in print with another ISBN on Ingram? Based on something I read a few years ago, I believe that it is possible to do this and there are certain advantages to this. I will have to go back to wherever I read this since I intend to use KDP Print for the first time for my new book “The Joy of Being Retired: 365 Reasons Why Retirement Rocks – and Work Sucks!”

    For the record, I first self-published in 1989. In August, my books finally reached over 1,000,000 copies sold worldwide. This took me 29 years so I would imagine that sales will never reach 2,000,000 copies given that I am now 69 years old.

  4. Yes, you can publish the same book with two different ISBNs the way you describe, but why? They will both appear on Amazon. It will confuse readers and reviews would no doubt be split between the two books.

  5. Per a conversation I had with a KDP Representative today, KDP does not support Baker & Taylor as CreateSpace did. This has created a major issue for me the last 3 months as I’ve been trying to get my books to Libraries to no avail.

  6. Are you saying that libraries have told you that they cannot buy your book because it isn’t in the B&T catalog? Many of them also buy from the Ingram catalog. In my experience a catalog listing doesn’t sell books. Besides, there are other library wholesalers that would love to carry your book if you have a library marketing plan and orders for them to fulfill. Brodart, for example.

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