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In any given month, AuthorImprints is working with 30 or more self-publishing clients, helping them produce, manage, and market their books.

In addition, we consult with ten or more author-publishers each month about some aspect of publishing, such as distribution or book marketing.

What that means to you is that we at AuthorImprints are constantly hearing about new products and services and discovering new and different ways to self-publish books, all while we keep our own vigilant eyes on all the latest publishing news.

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Frequency: The AuthorPro newsletter is mailed out monthly, the first Friday of the month. There are also occasional emails, like when a new book or course is released.

Reader focus: AuthorPro is most appreciated by three types of author-publishers:

  1. Business owners or business leaders publishing a book to enhance their platform or business, or to position themselves as thought-leaders.
  2. Authors writing fiction or nonfiction with the goal of generating income.
  3. Individuals who are using a book to create or further something they are passionate about (“mission-minded”).

Content focus: Each newsletter features exclusive, topical, and helpful advice. AuthorPro content is not available in the AuthorImprints Learning Center nor via our Facebook or LinkedIn channels.

Topic examples:

  • Getting and using book reviews and testimonials
  • SEO and metadata optimization
  • Advertising and promotions
  • ARCs and pre-orders
  • Mailing lists and digital collateral
  • Publishing product, tool, and feature profiles (primarily Amazon, but also other leading self-publishing tools and services such as IngramSpark)

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