A Guide to eBook Publishing Using Lynda Online Video Training

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A Guide to eBook Publishing Using Lynda Online Video Training

A Guide to eBook Publishing Using Lynda Online Video TrainingYou can't beat video based training as a tool to learn software and online services. A few weeks ago I announced my own course but this weekend I set out to learn more about the eBook publishing courses available from Lynda.com. I was surprised. Here are a few relevant courses I came across:

  1. Creating a Fixed-Layout EPUB
  2. Designing a Book Cover
  3. Word 2010: Styles in Depth
  4. Up and Running with iBooks Author
  5. Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

These are only five of the 27 publishing-oriented courses current available and this doesn't include courses on creating a WordPress or Joomla website, or the course on Designing a Book. In total, Lynda has 1,968 video training courses and 102,000 tutorials all available for $25/month or $250/year. That's a great value compared to other online video training programs that can cost 4x the Lynda monthly price for just  a single course.

Unfortunately finding all the eBook oriented courses can take some time which is why I created the slideshow pasted below. I distilled the available courses into the three broad categories of:

  1. Create eBook files
  2. Market your eBooks
  3. Build your plaform

Step through the slideshow (you can view it on Slideshare here), or visit Lynda.com to learn more. If you'd like to access the training videos for free you can get a free 7-day pass by clicking here.

photo credit: Auntie P via photopin cc

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