eBook Design & Conversion

There are a number of tools and services you can use to do eBook formatting, design and conversion. But sometimes the book you are converting is complex, or you simply want expert guidance. Here are 6 reasons to contact us about our award-winning professional eBook formatting service:

  1. Kindle and EPUB files: Amazon, like other eBook retailers, now requires EPUB files in most situations. However, sometimes you need the older Kindle Mobi format for use as an advance reader copy or for sale from your website. We are happy to provide these for free, upon request.
  2. Modifications: Some books need design modifications to improve the reader experience. We work with you to accomplish this.
  3. Complexity: A complex book—tables, graphics, images, text formatting, linking—is our specialty.
  4. Suitability: Some books just won’t work as eBooks. We tell you if that’s the case.
  5. Straight to eBook: You are creating an eBook first (not a conversion of a print book) and you want it to be as attractive and highly functional as possible.
  6. Guaranteed validation: It is important to you that your files pass EPUB validation. It's a requirement for the Apple iBooks and Google Play stores and we guarantee your files will pass validation.

Below are examples of client projects. Complete our contact form and send us a PDF if you would like a free eBook formatting quote. Because every book is a little different, we consider each element of the book when preparing your fixed-price quote: length, endnotes, images, table processing, table of contents, sidebars, http links, intra-book links, and over all complexity.

Retaining Print Book Designs

We strive to retain as much of the original print book design as technically possible. In this example, the eBook is on the left and the PDF on the right. Note the matching heading colors and captions, and the retention of the glyph. Download a sample of Market Farming Success from Amazon.

eBook First

Some projects begin as eBooks. For the project on the left we designed a Word template and merged Excel data into the tables, then added additional text and formatting. Our client expects to make annual updates to the content, and maintaining it in a database will save time and money when it comes to re-publishing the eBook.

Straight narrative text like this true crime story on the right can be dressed up using color and custom designed glyphs.

Training Manuals & Reference eBooks

Education and reference eBooks benefit from additional navigation elements and often make extensive use of tables, graphics and colored text. Sensei's project management eBook on the left has more than 350 graphic elements and we suggested linking main headings both directions and adding intra-chapter navigation. The Red Guide to Disaster Recovery had similar requirements and made extensive use of color coded chapters. Download a sample of The Red Guide from Amazon.

Cookbooks as eBooks

Cookbooks are especially challenging. Getting the formatting correct is difficult and you must ensure fractions are 100% accurate or someone's recipe isn't going to taste quite right! Download a sample of Ciao Tesoro (left) and Long Way on a Little (right), both on Amazon.

Children's Illustrated Fixed-Format eBooks*

Children's illustrated eBooks are best programmed using fixed-format: Each page looks exactly like it does (or would) as a print book. In First Signs from DawnSignPress on the right, you see a board book where text is naturally large and easy to read. Gorp's Dream on the left, however, has more text (for an older reader), making it hard to read. In this case we use the Kindle KF8 area magnification feature: Double-tap to enlarge/reduce. Download a sample of Gorp's Dream from Amazon.

* This service is available for book design and distribution projects and is no longer available for conversion-only projects. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Turnaround Time

You receive a completed eBook for review within 7-10 business days.

Quality Control and Testing

Each eBook is put through a multi-point proofing process that also includes testing for compatibility with leading eReaders such as those from Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble. We also guarantee it passes EPUB Validation.