Amazon KDP (formerly CreateSpace) and IngramSpark Print-on-Demand

Most books begin life as a humble Word document. Perhaps drafted over months, even years, they can contain different styles and inconsistent formatting, and they often lack the structure of the formal book design that readers have come to expect.

This is what we do: Beginning with your file, and using professional book design software, our award-winning book design team creates an interior design that enhances your content. The final result is a finished product that is indistinguishable from a book designed by any major publisher. (Continue reading below. Click image to enlarge it.)

Amazon, IngramSpark…or any printer

Amazon's KDP (formerly CreateSpace) is a print-on-demand (POD) service from Amazon, and IngramSpark is a competitive service from the industry-leading distributor, Ingram. Amazon is popular because it provides any publisher—self-publishers and major publishers alike—automatic distribution to

Both services provide highly competitive pricing of books for your personal use and distribution (at venues such as tradeshows and speaking engagements).

IngramSpark, the sister company of Lightning Source, is also popular because it offers additional printing options such as hardcover printing, and more competitive color pricing. There is also the undisputed value of their distribution services.

Both Amazon and IngramSpark distribute books via Ingram distribution services. But only IngramSpark gives the self-publisher control over discounts and the ability to return unsold inventory—mandatory options if you have any hope of brick and mortar bookstores ordering your book. (Continue reading below. Click image to enlarge it.)

How AuthorImprints differs from our competitors

Unlike our competitors such as Lulu, Outskirts and Author Solutions1, we do not levy a surcharge on the books you buy from Amazon or IngramSpark. You buy them at cost.

Also unlike our competitors, you own the design files. Not just the PDF that is used for printing, but the files we use to create the PDF: InDesign files.

If you are considering another company, ask them what software they use to create your interior book design and if you can have those files at the end of the project. Owning and controlling these ensures you can easily and inexpensively make edits and corrections to your book in the future.

Click here to learn more about book publishing files and formats and how to protect your writing investment.

Finally, we do not force you to choose from templates. Each book design is unique to the needs of your book, and your vision for the best way to present the information. (Continue reading below. Click image to enlarge it.)

Each project is a multi-step process

Publishing a manuscript as a print book includes one or all these steps, depending on the type of book:

  1. Completion of front and back matter (title, copyright page, table of contents, index, etc.)
  2. Development of a book cover, including spine.
  3. Copy editing and proofreading.
  4. Image processing as necessary.
  5. Table and sidebar design and processing.
  6. Interior book design, layout and formatting (headers, footers, page numbering, chapter start designs).
  7. Title setup on Amazon, IngramSpark, or both.
  8. Ordering a traditional book printing of hundreds, or several thousand of books.

AuthorImprints handles project management, technical support, and design and marketing consultation along the way. Our goal is to make sure the final book product meets your objectives, as well as your budget.

I highly recommend AuthorImprints to anyone who is considering self-publishing a book. The interior they designed for my novel, “Incognolio,” was unique and exquisite, far beyond anything I could have managed myself. AuthorImprints also formatted my files and took care of the dozens of tasks required for launching a book, leaving me free to write!” —Michael Sussman, Author of Incognolio


See our pricing page for basic pricing. The final price depends on length and design requirements. Book covers are quoted separately. Please contact us for a free quote.

Turnaround Time

Time to completion depends on what aspects of the publishing project we are handling and the client's availability for review and consultation. A very quick turnaround is 3 weeks, but it usually takes longer due to the time necessary to ship and review a physical proof.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Or click here for our visual at-a-glance matrix of major publishing tasks and to learn more about AuthorImprints and Amazon timelines. 

Quality Control

You can review a proof online or order a physical copy of your book. We highly recommend clients order a physical proof.

Selling Your Book on

You are the publisher, so accounts are established in your name, or your company name. Once set up, we manage the entire process. We assist with selecting keywords and categories, and editing descriptions, and optimizing your book's listing on Amazon for maximum SEO effectiveness.

Next Steps

We pride ourselves on our personal service and initiative. If we see an opportunity to improve your title's reading experience, or enhance the marketability of your title, we will volunteer our thoughts.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you use Amazon and/or IngramSpark POD publishing for your book project.

1 Examples of subsidy, sometimes called vanity, publishers include Lulu, Outskirts and AuthorSolutions. AuthorSolutions also publishes books under these imprints: Xlibris, AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Trafford, WestBow Press, Balboa Press, and Abbott Press. If you contact a traditional publisher, and they refer you to a publisher where you will pay to be published, this is probably a subsidy press.