Countdown to Book Launch™ Workbook + Consult

    • How do I make sure my book is available to bookstores?
    • How do I price my book? Can I change the price—or is there a strategy?
    • Should I use Amazon KDP or IngramSpark, or both?
    • How do I use Amazon as a publisher?
    • How do I solicit book reviews, and what do I do with them?

Countdown to Book Launch is the collected wisdom from ten years of helping first-time authors take control of their publishing career and professionally present their books to readers around the world. During that time, AuthorImprints has helped these new author-publishers create 158 publishing imprints, resulting in the publication of 176 print books and 403 eBooks—all types of books: nonfiction, fiction, and children’s.

This experience, knowledge, and advice is now available to you

The Countdown to Book Launch workbook and companion consult is designed to educate new author-publishers about important decisions they need to make, and steps they need to take, during the book production process that impact post-publication success.

These decisions and steps are rarely considered “book marketing,” yet marketing can and does suffer if they are not done correctly or not done at all.

Who this is for

This workbook + consult is for you if you are self-managing the publishing process, with or without outside assistance. Those who are:

  • Using contractors
  • Using a self-publishing services firm
  • Working with a hybrid publisher
  • Creating their own files and managing distribution on their own

You won’t find detailed instructions about how to create a book cover, format a book, program an eBook, or upload files for distribution here—that information is readily available from numerous other sources. Countdown to Book Launch helps with the hard part: what to do with your files, and when.

Consults without a workbook are described here if you do not need a workbook.

Summary of key details (workbook sample follows)

  • Workbook: 182 pages, 8” x 10”, full color, spiral binding for lay-flat reading. Fifty-one topics divided into five color-tabbed sections with more than 160 color-coded cross-references.
  • Optional consults: Choose from either a single 30-minute session or two 40-minute sessions.

Read the 25-page sample below to see a list of the 51 topics organized into five sections.

What other first-time authors are saying about Countdown to Book Launch

“For a visual learner like me, your use of graphics is welcomed. I appreciate the check-marked boxes and notes to authors, isolated as they are with important points to remember.” —Lisa B.

“I have a large number of these books, and each is focused only on one part of the process; it is nice to have it all in one place. I also like how you back up your recommendations with actual anecdotes. And, although it is subtle, I appreciate that you repeat important points, from topic to topic.” —Bob D.

“Information is practical, with clear examples, including gotchas not widely known or discussed—the author’s experience in self-publishing is obvious and reassuring.” —Angela H.

About David Wogahn

David Wogahn is an award-winning author of five books on indie publishing and the author of the first LinkedIn Learning course on the topic of self-publishing.

He is a frequent speaker and trainer, presenting for the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), the Independent Writers of Southern California, the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, and numerous US-affiliate chapters of IBPA.

Topic selection and format

Every bit of advice and instruction found in Countdown to Book Launch comes from ten years of direct experience with the services, tools, and techniques self-publishers use today. It is based on the questions authors ask, as well as the steps they struggle with. At the same time, it’s often the questions that authors don’t know they should ask that often turn out to be of major importance.

So, when deciding how to structure each topic’s content, we made a conscious effort to explain why the topic is significant and even what it means. Many of the steps in publishing are interrelated, so what a topic entails or why it is important can be as—or even more—important than how to do something.

Which consulting option is right for you?

  • 30-minutes: ideal for someone who has read widely about self-publishing and wishes to clarify their understanding of just a few key topics.
  • 80-minutes (in two 40-minute sessions): this can be divided any way the author/publisher chooses.

Consulting topics focus on your specific circumstances. Examples: Book pricing and royalties • How to coordinate use of KDP and IngramSpark • Publishing timelines • Pre-order date vs. release date • ARCs and how to use them • Wholesale book pricing and bookstores • Amazon customer reviews • Book marketing • Mailing lists and newsletters

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