Professional Self-Publishing and the Countdown to Book Launch®

In this three-part guide, we walk you through the key requirements and steps for creating and launching your book (or perhaps re-booting an already released book that isn't selling).

Part 1: Publishing imprints and your ISBN

  • What is a self-publishing imprint?
  • Examples of imprints
  • Who cares? Why does it matter?
  • How to have your own imprint
  • Further reading and resources

Part 2: The link between quality and book reviews

  • How to define quality, and how it relates to book reviews
  • Book design standards
  • Your book cover
  • Marketing to the right readers
  • Further reading and resources

Part 3: Amazon SEO and promotions

  • Amazon SEO—Search Engine Optimization
  • Step 1: Pre-publication SEO
  • How to find potential categories
  • Step 2: Your launch plan
  • Further reading and resources

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