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Stuck or wondering what to do next?

Sometimes all you need is a brief session for advice, or maybe a workbook will suffice. Other times you want to work through your book distribution, publishing, or marketing plans with someone who has done it many times before. You have three options.

    1. A Focused Topic consult.
    2. A Planning/Marketing consult.
    3. The Before the Launch workbook.

Be sure to scroll down below the Frequently Asked Questions for fifteen examples of the kinds of self-publishing challenges AuthorImprints founder David Wogahn has assisted with.

David walks one through decision points in the most collaborative, friendly, and collegial way possible–you feel is he is always doing his best and using his decades of expertise and experience to help you to publish the best book possible.
Glenn N Levine-MD FACC FAHA-Take Back Control
Glenn Levine
Master Clinician and Professor of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine | Chief, Cardiology Section, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
I have a book that’s been out in the market for over five years. I’ve been on television and radio and I thought I had done everything that needed to be done in terms of marketing. Boy was I wrong! David opened my eyes to all the ways I was missing out on selling and building an audience. I loved how specific and in-depth his advice was for me. David got me to see what my mission was and then he walked me through all the steps I needed to take to make my vision a reality.”
Georgette Todd, author of Foster Child
Georgette Todd
Foster Girl

Chose from two consult options:

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Click Buy Now below for a Focused Topic consult: $155. You will be contacted within one business day to schedule your consult.

Click Buy Now below for a Planning/Marketing consult: $300. You will be contacted within one business day about the pre-call analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, and this is probably the most common Focused Topic consult David provides. He will ask you a series of questions and then help you think through the financial, marketing, and operational considerations for your specific situation.

If your book hasn’t been published, you’re probably exploring publishing options. If you have publishing experience, you may need to have a better grasp of current self-publishing options. Or perhaps you’ve completed your book and are now stuck with how best to produce, distribute, and/or market it.

Because each book, author, and/or publishing circumstance can differ, a Marketing & Planning consult requires David to review your present situation before the call. He needs to understand these circumstances and client goals in advance to make the call as productive as possible.

Yes! Please select the Marketing & Planning consult option. David will review your current marketing efforts and make recommendations for changes.

No. A book distributor in the publishing business takes over the selling of a publisher’s books to wholesalers (such as Ingram) and retailers (such as Amazon and bookstores). These are exclusive agreements—meaning the publisher cannot reserve Amazon for themselves, for example. Distributors also generally work with multi-author publishers. AuthorImprints specializes in distribution options for self-publishers, because self-publishers rarely qualify for representation by a book distributor.

Bookstores make their own decisions about which books they wish to stock. More importantly, your book needs to be available via industry wholesalers, and David can explain and assist in this regard.

Absolutely. Complete our contact form here. There is a place where you can ask questions and David will reply within two business days.

Thank you so much for your help; it was so valuable. My business is up significantly because of the marketing efforts you had me make.

Those radio shows I did had the unexpected side effect of getting me clients all over the country via Zoom, so that project has more than paid for itself. My email list is up over 20%, and by the way, my email list open rate went from 15%-ish, with nearly everyone who signed up dropping off after they got the freebie, to almost a 30% open rate, with very few people dropping off. Having me fix the way I do email marketing is the reason for that, so thank you, because that’s money for me, even more so than book sales.

The BLOG – Geez, my IT guy was so mad at having to redo that WordPress template at your suggestion, but it worked! I get so much traction with my blog that it’s now the source of nearly half my email list sign-ups. Almost daily, people say they love my blog, and that’s because the format is now easy to read rather than confusing like before.

Bottom line, I hired you to help me fix the cold that was my sick book with no sales, but it evolved into fixing the entire business so it functions as a whole so much better and more profitably, and for that I am very grateful.

Jill-Thomas-Soul Connect Hypnotherapy
Jill Thomas
Soul Connect Hypnotherapy with Jill Thomas

Fifteen consultation mini-case studies

Client backgroundConsultation and recommendations
1. Major publisher of manga with more than 300 books published.Advised about using POD vs traditional printing; selling online direct-to-consumer while using Amazon listings as a way to market the business; FBA, Seller Central, Advantage and KDP; and eBook file format strategies, including pros and cons of fixed format vs KF8 vs PDF.
2. Publisher who attempted to add second edition, but Amazon search results kept showing the out-of-print first edition.Hired to represent publisher in dealings with Amazon to improve and optimize listings for second edition so that it appears higher than old edition in Amazon search results.
3. Danish publisher of business and leadership books.Assisted publisher with understanding US POD printing options and how these may or may not be coordinated with European POD when not using Amazon.
4, Popular food blog and podcast publisher based in Sweden self-publishing a second book after the successful publication of their first book.Reviewed current publishing plan and advised on options for US self-publishing distribution, marketing strategies, and publishing imprints.
5. Leading website SEO consultants based in the UK using their book as a business marketing tool and a way to attract prospective employees.Reviewed publishing imprint options; advised about book review strategies and POD options for when their book print run is sold out.
6. Consultant and speaker seeking advice about incorporating her book into her business and improving her website.Reviewed current and planned books. Advised about personal brand positioning and how to revise her website to support that branding change.
7. Nonprofit consultant launching a new book.Explained available print and eBook distribution options for his book, how and where pre-order fits, and how to coordinate a release using Amazon and IngramSpark.
8. Novelist who wants to bypass representation by her agent to pursue self-publishing.Researched author’s platform and then reviewed each step in the publishing process: key decision points, options, budgets, and timetable.
9. Previously self-published author whose second book is traditionally published.Devised marketing strategy that involved both books; advised on changes to client’s website and on lead generation using email marketing.
10. Author who wants to republish her 3 books under her own imprint (formerly with Trafford, a subsidy publisher).Reviewed publishing files provided by Trafford and created a plan and budget to republish using her own imprint for more control over pricing, branding, and buying author copies less expensively.
11. Legendary golf fitness and conditioning consultant and author launching his own imprint.Reviewed plan for self-publishing two new books; how best to design and distribute; timing considerations; and how best to leverage his first book, which was traditionally published by St Martin’s Press.
12. Publisher whose ISBN not being accepted by Amazon.Represented publisher in dealings with Amazon, which involved interfacing with Bowker. Amazon initially insisted the ISBN was not valid, but after four attempts to convince them otherwise, they finally admitted it was.
13. Tesla aftermarket parts supplier branching into publishing as a marketing tool for their business. As such, they do not want to use Amazon KDP (POD) nor Amazon Advantage because they want direct contact with customers.Created Seller Central account and registered their brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry. Established policies and procedures, consulted on launch marketing, and trained client to take over account management.
14. UK-based equestrian company with international training facilities publishing their first book.Consulted on printing, international distribution, and fulfillment options.
15. Traditional publisher’s first time using Amazon KDP services for print and eBooks.Reviewed publishing operations and explained the differences between traditional printing and distribution vs Amazon KDP, as well as options for supplementing distribution to other online retailers.