Book Review Jumpstart

It doesn't matter whether your book has been released or if that date is well into the future; book reviews are now required for success.

This free, three-day mini course on getting and using book reviews is excerpted from David Wogahn’s books The Book Review Companion and The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages, 10th edition*.

Part 1: Strategy and planning

  • Four reasons why reviews matter
  • Two types of reviews and each has a purpose
  • Three guiding principles for all authors (self-published, and traditionally published)
  • When to begin prospecting for reviews

Part 2: Amazon myths, rules, policies, tips for success

  • Myth busting
  • How to offer your book to readers
  • Reviews by family or close friends
  • The dreaded $50 rule
  • Acknowledging free books
  • Handling negative reviews
  • Three tips for success

Part 3: Sources of reviews, prioritizing, more resources

  • Ten sources of reviews
  • Prioritizing: Where do you focus your budget and time?
  • The Book Review Journey, a graphical guide to organizing your efforts
  • Links to eleven additional resources

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Book Review Companion-David Wogahn

The Book Review Companion

How to get Amazon reviews, how to use editorial reviews (blurbs), Amazon policies, and of course, pre-release book review strategies applicable to any author.

  • Paperback and eBook
  • All retailers including Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, Kobo
Book Reviewer Yellow Pages-David Wogahn

The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages

A directory of more than 250 book reviewers and book review resources. Slash hours of research time looking for book bloggers, blog tour organizers, review businesses, blogger directories, and virtual assistants. 10th edition.

  • Kindle eBook; Amazon only