Manon Wogahn

Manon (she/her) is our publishing operations manager and helps clients create and promote their books. You’ll often find her proofing print books and eBooks, planning book marketing promotions, and if she’s lucky, designing a book cover or two. She has additional experience producing marketing materials, maintaining websites and social media, and managing mailing lists.When not working with books, Manon can be found reading mystery books and writing the Cluesletter, her biweekly email newsletter dedicated to the mystery genre. Each issue includes mystery-related news, new releases, podcasts, eBook deals, and an interview with a featured author.Manon holds a bachelor’s degree in art history from Chapman University, which she credits for her obsessions with beautiful books and the Chicago Manual of Style. As for the mystery obsession, she can only blame Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, and her own nosy inclinations.Locally, she is a member of San Diego Professional Editors Network ( and Publishers & Writers of San Diego, and serves as a club officer for her Toastmasters International club.