AuthorImprints™ specializes in author-narrated audiobooks

This includes recording, editing, mastering, metadata preparation, and distribution.

Should authors narrate their own book?

While having “the right voice” to narrate your own audiobook is an ability that not every author will have, here are three important reasons why authors should consider narrating their own book:

  1. Narrators can be expensive. An average rate for a narrator on Amazon's ACX ranges from $200 to $400 per finished hour (PFH).
  2. As the author, you may have a specific style and direction you would like the narration to take. Certain types of writing, such as poetry, may fall into this category.
  3. Narrating your own audiobook creates a closer bond between you and your audience. Branding is about developing a relationship with your audience, and putting an authentic voice to your name, brand, and book will help to foster this relationship.

Want to learn more about the author-narrated process?

Take our free three-day email course! This course will cover every step of the audiobook recording process, including how to record, where to find editors and engineers to polish your raw recordings, and distributing and marketing your audiobook.

Also included are three free video lessons covering microphones, recording software, and setting up a recording environment.

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What our clients say

I recently recorded an audiobook for my new release, Pickleball & The Art of Living. I chose Carter Wogahn to handle the project and I'm very happy I did. He was prompt, professional and easy to work with. The finished product was just what I had hoped for — high quality, with seamless music and sound effects complementing my spoken word. I highly recommend Carter and would work with him again without question.

– Mike Branon, author of Pickleball & The Art of Living

Working with Carter Wogahn on the audio version of my book, The Adventures of Wilhelm – A Rat's Tale, has been the most pleasant and rewarding experience. Not only did he provide excellent equipment to allow for a smooth and comfortable setting for reading the text, but he also guided my reading with a patient and smooth pace. He allowed time for corrections and I enjoyed the process of recording an audio version with the highest quality for the listeners to enjoy. I highly recommend his professional services. 

– Maria Ritter, PhD, author of The Adventures of Wilhelm – A Rat's Tale

Carter is a true professional and and so enjoyable to work with! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the audiobook he produced for me. I recommend him highly to anyone who needs the job done well!

– Janie Seltzer, author of Even If: The Transforming Power of Perfect Love


AuthorImprints will provide guidance through the recording process, including equipment and home studio setup and narration technique.

Consider our Guided Audiobook Home-Recording Kit, which provides all the guidance you need to successfully record an audiobook in your home or office.

This kit is $47. If you choose AuthorImprints to handle your editing, mastering, and distribution needs, the price of the kit is deducted from your final bill.

Editing, mastering, metadata, distribution

Editing and mastering services are calculated on a per word basis starting at 2.8 cents per word. (Professional narrator services also available.)

We manage distribution to major online retailers including, but not limited to, Amazon, Audible, and Apple. We consult with you regarding price, and the royalty and distribution differences between ACX and Findaway Voices (now part of Spotify).

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