The Guided Audiobook Home-Recording Kit​

Have you decided to record your own audiobook?

All you need is a USB microphone, a cozy closet, and free audio recording software. Don’t have a mic? We can loan you one!

I’m not sure, I’d like to learn more

If you’re considering recording, but don’t know what’s involved or what the benefits of recording an audiobook yourself are, take our free three-day email course, which includes:

1. The three ingredients needed to record an audiobook
2. How to find editors and engineers to clean and polish your recording to prepare for release
3. How to distribute and market your audiobook

Also included are three free video lessons covering how to choose a microphone, how to set up your recording space, and what audio recording software to use.

I’m ready to record my audiobook!

If you have a microphone and a quiet place to record, you can begin recording your audiobook!

In our Guided Audiobook Home-Recording Kit, we cover all steps involved in recording an audiobook yourself, including:

1. How to download and install Audacity, a free digital audio workstation
2. How to connect your microphone and set recording levels
3. How to record using two methods of recording

These three video lessons, totaling 35 minutes, will walk you through every step of the recording process. 

In addition to the video lessons, this kit includes:

An 11-page Handbook Guide, which features:

1. A Narration Guide, which answers any questions you have about how to read credits, chapter and section titles, and offers tips on narration performance.
2. Audiobook distribution tables, which offer an overview of your distribution options. One table compares distribution platforms ACX to Findaway Voices and the other lists audiobooks retailers and which distribution platform submits to them.
3. Audio comparisons of various recording environments and an accompanying guide detailing their differences.

AuthorImprints Professional Evaluations

Send us a photo shot list of your recording space and a sample recording of your narration and we will evaluate your recording space and sound quality. We will offer professional feedback and advice on how to improve your space, sound quality, and narration performance.

Are you interested in our Guided Audiobook Home-recording Kit?

For $47, you can learn everything you need to know to record an audiobook yourself.


What happens after you’re done recording?

If you choose AuthorImprints to edit, master, and distribute your audiobook, the cost of the kit will be deducted from your final bill, so the kit ends up being free!

Visit our page here to learn more about our production and distribution services.