Advertising Kindle eBooks On Amazon

  • Where do ads appear on Amazon?
  • What is the ROI? Will a spend a lot of money?
  • Tips for monitoring

Advertising Kindle eBooks on Amazon

Advertising Kindle eBooks On Amazon

One of the more interesting KDP Select benefits Amazon offers is the ability to advertise a Kindle eBook on Like the other KDP Select benefits, notably Free Book Promotion and Kindle Countdown Deal—for that matter any book marketing benefit—this won’t by itself guarantee sales. But it is marketing tool that is relatively cheap to use.

To repeat: you must participate in the 90-day exclusive KDP Select program to use it.

What is advertising for KDP Select?

It is similar to those ads you see at the top of the Google page when you do a search. Advertisers (you, the author or publisher), pay Amazon whenever someone clicks your ad. The price per click (PPC) can vary based on what you are advertising and how you plan to target the advertising, which is influenced by how many other people are trying to do the same thing. There are minimum bids but the rates generally range from a few pennies to 40 cents or so; it just depends. You pay only when someone clicks.

Good to know: if you set a cost-per-click that is lower than what others are spending, your ad may not be shown.

Where do the ads appear on Amazon?

As you see below, you have two options. You can ask to show your eBook in the search results as a Sponsored Product. You can check this yourself by searching for a book and then looking at all the results for those marked “Sponsored Products.”

The second option is on the right, Product Display ads, and in this case your book may also appear on Kindle eReader screens as a screen saver.

Advertising Kindle eBooks-sponsored products and product display ads

Product Display ad type

Advertising Kindle eBooks-preview your ad on Kindle e-readers
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There four types of ads that may run and which one runs is determined by Amazon. There is the eReader ad, shown here, as well as the three banner style ads. There are two to three elements to every ad:

  1. Kindle E-readers: Cover + brief description.
  2. 270 x 200: Cover + brief description.
  3. 300 x 250: Cover + headline.
  4. 980 x 55: Cover + headline.

(You can click the “Where ads appear” link when you set up your ads to see where the ad will appear on Amazon.)

What’s the ROI? Will I blow a bundle!?

You are able to dictate your budget and this depends on the type of campaign you are running. For Sponsored Products the minimum is $1 per day; Product Display Ads have a minimum setting of $100. In both cases you pay only for the clicks your ad receives. Learn more here.

You can login at any time to see how the ads are performing and make adjustments. Here are the stats:

Advertising Kindle eBooks-ad performance stats

Tip for monitoring your ads

Amazon does not make it easy to find your ad so you can monitor or edit it. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your KDP account.
  2. From your Bookshelf, click the Promote and Advertise link next to your book.
  3. Click Create an ad campaign (I know this doesn’t make sense!)
  4. Now you should be on the amazonmarketingservices page. Click the Advertising Campaigns link at the top.
  5. Now you can edit/copy/monitor your ad campaigns.
Advertising Kindle eBooks-tips for monitoring your ads
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Advice and best practices

  1. As always, having a great cover is crucial.
  2. It is better to create several narrowly targeted campaigns. This way you can test what gets results and refine your headline, advertising copy, and the targeting parameters you are using.
  3. Before you begin, look up books similar to yours. The idea is that if someone is interested in a highly rated book in the same category (or using the same keyword) as your book, they might be interested in yours. You can specify that your ad runs when shoppers look at this book.

To this last point, here is an example of someone choosing a book that will get lots of eyeballs. On the other hand, are the people searching for this book necessarily interested in this advertiser’s book? Doubtful but then the advertiser is paying for clicks, not based on how many times the ad is shown!

Advertising Kindle eBooks-advice and best practices
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Next steps

If this is all too much, AuthorImprints offers a range of campaign management services. Contact us to learn more.

Photo credits this page. Top Lacie Slezak, unsplash

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  1. Hello David,

    One of the problems you have with amazon ads is the marketing stats you get. If you ever advertised with Google Adwords you know what I am mean. The table data you get is accumulated and without downloading the campaign stats every day you are out of luck figuring out how to improve your ad performance and get a better ACoS.

    I started to make screenshots to compare two days and get my daily stats. After that, I decided to brush up my programming skills and created some nice charts. This helped me to improve my ads, finally turn a profit, and I am happy to announce that this tool is now available for other authors as well.


    Thomas Herold

  2. Hi Thomas, thanks for sharing, it looks very interesting. I’ll have a look at it and it may be something to share here.

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