5 Resources to Seek Free eBook Reviews-Ideal For Priming the Pump

5 Resources to Seek Free eBook Reviews-Ideal For Priming the Pump

  5 Free Resources for eBook Reviews-Ideal For Priming the PumpThere was a query this week from a member of my Linkedin Group Marketing on Amazon asking how to get his book reviewed before he starts using his KDP Select free promotion days. It's a good question and echoes the advice I gave here after running my first KDP Select promotion. (Promoting your free days without having reviews should be a last resort.)

I've talked about the topic of reviews before (see resources below) but given the ever evolving nature of this subject I have a few updates.

Making Connections Group on Goodreads

While you should never flog your book in any community, especially on Goodreads, this group is there to help you promote your book to others. Their energetic and engaged moderation team actively solicit books for reviews, tours, giveaways, interviews, etc.

Visit Goodreads.com, join, and search for the GROUP called Making Connections. They also have a Young Adult sister group.

World Literary Café

This is another popular community with an active and engaged membership. I used WLC to promote my free KDP days and they were one of 3 sites that actually accepted the post for free (this was prior to Amazon's policy change). You don't need to be running a KDP free promo—stop by and post a notice in their classifieds section that you are looking to connect with fellow authors.

The eReader Café

This site also listed my book for free back in December. Recently I re-ranked my collection of KDP Select promo sites and discovered that the theereadercafe.com domain had a huge spike in their Alexa ranking rising 79% between December 1, 2012 and June 1, 2013. They must be doing something right.

Note that you can price your book for 99 cents and advertise it on their site, for free. I think 99 cents may be come the new free because authors don't have to commit to an Amazon exclusive and the new Amazon Associates policy put the brakes on offering free Kindle eBooks.

Dedicated Book Reviews on Bookblogs on Ning

There are nearly 3,000 members in this community focused on book bloggers. Register and post a notice that you are looking for reviewers of your free book.

Obviously using these effectively takes some work, and time. If you have the budget you may be interested in our review service. It's designed for new authors and includes a number of things every new author needs like collateral, reviews, advice (from a live person!), and bonus guides on using Goodreads, KDP Select and Book Blogs. Click here for pricing and details or send me an email.

Do you have a favorite place to turn, or method of encouraging eBook reviews? Add it in the comments below.

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