5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Decide How to Distribute Your eBook

2 thoughts on “5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Decide How to Distribute Your eBook”

  1. Hi David – any thoughts on the dilemma below:

    Choosing Books is getting tougher than choosing wine! Apple’s not helping!


    Despite Apple iBookstore’s new Breakout Books, our “Book Choosing” process continues to reflect our Wine selection process – which label do I like best?! Despite all of the developments in the publishing business, we are still relying on “the shelf” to attract buyers for our books. With self-published authors now driving so many titles into the same funnel as large publishers and celebrity authors, how is a reader to truly find the most likely products to resonate with? Surely there’s room for some exploration of a more meaningful shopping decision process. With so many self-published ebooks being given away for free or close to free, our price categorization of wine model is lost! We know we can use the $7 wine for the In-Laws dinner while saving the $50 bottle for the important date. When all the books are $1.99 we have even less criteria to use!

  2. The analogy to wine labels is a good one Paul. Perhaps where it differs is that we haven’t yet figured out the taste component of wine metadata! But to your point, the more sophisticated publishers are putting a lot of thought into metadata–completeness, distribution, management–where the self-publishers do not. That’s going to serve them well as new forms of marketing come on line, a company like Small Demons comes to mind.

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